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Who we are

The team of RIGO & Partners is made of civil engineers specialised in architectural, civil geotechnical engineering. Due to the collaborators’ varied experience and skills, the team is able to manage the broad field of activity RIGO & Partners is active in.

Further education being of particular importance to the collaborators, the entire team of RIGO & Partners has successfully completed professional training in legal expertise at the law-faculty of the University of Liège, and obtained official certification [*].

Even though the team’s main language is French, RIGO & Partners is polyglot and has perfect command of German, Dutch and English.

A staff of three colleagues provides the necessary administrative support.

- Prof. Jean-Marie RIGO, Dr en Sciences appliquées, Ir des Constructions

Collaborators / Partners:
- Sebastian KREUSCH, Ir Architecte, Scientific Collaborator ULg, [*]
- Eric SCHOFFENIELS, Ir des Constructions [*]

Collaborator / Senior Engineer:
- Luc TOUSSEYN, Ir des Constructions

Collaborators / Engineers specialised in Architecture, Construction Engineering, Geology or Aerospace engineering:
- Julien DESSY, Ir Architecte, [*]
- Violaine LABEYE, Ir des Constructions, [*]
- Alexandre-M. BAUER, Ir Architecte, [*]
- Céline PEETERSILLE, Ir Architecte, Master Conservation of Monuments and Sites, [*]
- Matthieu BARBASON, Ir Aérospatiale, Certificateur PEB, Doctorant ULg,
- Florence FRANSSEN, Ir Architecte, [*]
- Grégoire LENELLE, Ir Architecte, [*]
- Véronique PARMENTIER, Ir Architecte, [*]
- Liesbeth IEVEN, Ir des Constructions
- Gilles POYSAT, Ir des Constructions
- Catherine BRAHAM, Ir des Constructions

Administrative Staff:
- Myriam CARABIN
- Martine LEROY
- Janique BOLLAND

Ir Architecte : M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering
Ir des Constructions, Ir. Bouwkunde: M.Sc. in Civil Engineering
Ir Géologue: M.Sc. in Geotechnical Engineering
Dr en Sciences appliquées: Dr in Applied Sciences
Ir Aérospatiale: M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering

[*]: certified in Legal Expertise (ULg)
18 JUNE 2021
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